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Sutta Study Workshop

The collected words of the Buddha are often called the Pali Canon, Pali simply being the language in which the teachings were written down. The Canon is made up of thousands of sutta, or teachings.

The word sutta (Sanskrit sutra) literally means a thread. Each session of this workshop will take a particular sutta as the starting point for explaining one aspect of what the Buddha taught, one thread of the teachings. Each of the eight sessions will stand alone, but they will all be connected together, just like the threads in a cloth.

May 11 - Crossing the Flood - MN 22.13-14 and SN 1.1
May 25 - The Sutta of Similes - MN 21
June 8 - The Simile of the Cloth - MN 7
June 22 - Right View - MN 9
July 6 - Working with Distracting Thoughts - MN 20
July 20 - Co-dependent Arising - SN 12
August 3 - The Metta Sutta - The Teachings on Loving Kindness
August 17 - The Five Aggregates - A Teaching on No Self - SN 22

Note: The abreviations after each topic are references to the actual Sutta involved, as found in two major compilations of the Buddha's teachings, (MN) The Majjhima Nikaya - The Middle Length Discourses and (SN) The Samyutta Nikaya - The Connected Discourses

At Asana Studio in Arvada, CO. There will be a Dana Bowl.

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