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Six Talks on the Four Noble Truths

The first time the Buddha taught, a few days after his enlightenment, he taught the Four Noble Truths. In this series of 6 sessions we’ll practice sitting meditation and then methodically examine this core teaching.

Each session will start with a 30 minute meditation period followed by a talk on some aspect of the Four Noble Truths. At the end of each session there will be time for questions and discussion. There is no formal charge for these teachings. They are all Dana based.

All of these sessions will be on Thursday nights from 7-8:45pm at Asana Studio in Arvada, CO. It would be best to attend all the sessions to get a complete understanding of what the Buddha was teaching. However each session will stand on its own and people are welcome to attend any or all of them.

May 31 – The First Noble Truth.
Life as we normally live it is unsatisfactory. The Truth of Suffering.
June 14 – The Second Noble Truth.
Why is life as we live it unsatisfactory?  The Truth of Clinging.
June 28 – The Third Noble Truth.
What do we need to do to make life satisfactory? The Truth of the End of Suffering.
July 19– The Fourth Noble Truth – Part 1.
The necessity of wholesome understanding and clear intention.
August 2 – The Fourth Noble Truth – Part 2.
Living in the world. Wholesome speech, right action and wise livelihood.
August 16 – The Fourth Noble Truth – Part 3.
Conscious Practice. Wise effort, focused concentration and clear mindfulness.

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