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Teaching Schedule

In Boulder, Colorado

2019 Retreats
at the Rocky Mountain EcoDharma Retreat Center
Jamestown, CO

May 29 - June 2
Metta: The Practice of Loving Kindness

A 4 Night Metta Retreat
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October 3-6
Practice For a Troubled Time

A 3 Night Vipassana Retreat
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In Arvada, Colorado

September 6 - December 13
Exploring the Pali Canon

After His enlightenment the Buddha taught for 40 years. These teaching were later recorded in the Pali Canon, the vast collection of Buddhist wisdom. It has often been called a roadmap to freedom.

In this eight session course all the central teaching of Buddhism will be explored by looking at specific discourses of the Buddha (suttas), or sometimes a collection of suttas on the same topic. Each evening will begin with a 1/2 hour silent meditation period, followed by a dhamma talk, followed by time for questions and discussion. Though it would be best to attend all eight sessions, each evening will stand alone.

When: Alternate Thursdays, Sep. 6 and 20, Oct. 4 and 18, Nov. 1, 15 and 29 and Dec. 13. 7:00 - 8:45 PM
Where: Unity Living Water Center, 7401 W. 59th Ave., Arvada, CO.
Cost: There is no direct charge. A Dana basket will be put out each evening. The money collected will be shared equally by the leader and the center..
Parking: Park in the lot at the back of the building, entered off of Vance St. Enter the building through the basement floor back door.

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