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I had painted and drawn through most of the 70's, had work in group show, had a one man show at Sir Sanford Fleming College in Peterborough Ontario, and work in a gallery in Toronto. I even took a few life drawing classes at the New School of Art in Toronto. I think of the work I did then as ancient history, and it is not included in this web site.

Then, as I like to tell my friends, mortgages and babies intervened, and I put away my paint and brushes for 20 years. In the late 90's I started doing some stained glass designs for a friend, and one day, after completing a particularly intricate design, I realized that I'd actually done a sketch for a painting. Gradually over the next few years I painted more and more of the time, so that by mid 2003 it was clear that painting was once again one of my main activities, after a 23 year break.

This web site contains images of art work I have done since 1999.There are several "art shows" that are roughly in reverse chronological order, though in some cases there has been an overlap of periods. My work has progessed from the early abstract geometric forms, to imagined buildings with a great deal of geometric underlay, to actual architectural pieces, to a wider set of images of things I liked when I saw them to a focus on the human body. This gives you a good idea of how my art has developed and hopefully progressed over the years. The subjects for almost all of my work over the last 10 years have been found in Boulder, with a few exceptions where I went as far away as Longmont and Denver!

Each image will be labelled with it's name, medium, size, and if it is for sale, a red star *. Inquire if you are interested. All paintings are acrylic on canvas, except where noted.

I Hope you enjoy yourself. Comments, questions, criticism and purchase orders will all be appreciated.

Note: All art work and images on this website are the property of Barry H. Gillespie. Any copying, reproduction, downloading or any other use of these images without written permision from him is not allowed.