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Six Talks on the Four Noble Truths
A Six Week On-line Course

The first time the Buddha taught after his enlightenment he taught the Four Noble Truths. For the next 40 tears of teaching he simply tried many different ways to explain these teachings, to amplify them, to help people understand them and encourage them to follow them.

I had originally imagined teaching this course in my back garden this summer, like I did last year. Given the social isolation we are all currently practicing I thought it would be useful to start this now, in an on-line format, It seems appropriate to return to these basic teachings and look at them in greater depth, to ground ourselves in what is essentially Buddhism 101. Over the six weeks of the course we will examine each of the first three Noble Truths in three successive weeks and then take three weeks to look at the Fourth Noble Truth, the path to enlightenment that the Buddha taught.

Everyone is welcome to join these sessions. Each evening we will sit in silence for 1/2 hour and then I will give a dhamma talk, followed by some time for discussion and sharing.

When:Thursdays, 7:00 - 8:45 pm MDT, April 9 - May 14
Zoom Meeting ID: 131771513
Zoom Link:
Note: If you haven't used ZOOM before you will be asked to install the free Zoom client when you click on the link. It's very straight forward and only takes a few minutes. The meeting will open 15 minutes before the start time.
Cost: Teacher Dana. Please use the PayPal payment buttons below (PayPal or Credit Cards). You can make a weekly offering, one big offering at the beginning of the course, or at the end of the course, or whatever method you like. If your financial situation is difficult please do not feel obligated to offer anything.


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